Use CobraVision's artificial intelligence special powers to improve:

Worksite Safety - Reduce Safety Incidents
Construction Quality - Build it right the first time
Asset Inspection - Find Issues fast and reduce costs
Storm Assessment - Find damage quickly and restore service

Join us in our journey to leverage AI in your business.

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Worksite Safety

Minimize, reduce, and improve safety issues. Find the unknown by using data to predict where safety incidents will occur.


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Construction Quality

Build it right the first time by detecting construction defects early and reduce expensive rework.

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Asset Inspection

Use AI to scan infrastructure using imagery or LiDAR data enabling higher quality condition-based inspection. Eliminate costly manual review methods. 

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Storm Assessment

Use AI to quickly assess storm damage so utilities can rebuild, repair, and restore electric service. Reduce damage assessment time from weeks to hours. 

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Lattice Tower Deconstruction Services powered by AI

Build artificial intelligence into your lattice tower deconstruction projects to more accurately identify a broad range of issues and dramatically improve your safety, costs, and pre-planning work.

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Take The Cobra Challenge

You choose:

  • Windmill
  • Transmission Tower

Just pick your type of challenge and prepare to simulate real life using LEGOs. You build, then we evaluate using AI. Simply sign-up and we'll send everything you need.


A Utility Tale Part Two: Safety First...Second...Third?

Safety is of the utmost importance here at CobraVision but some utility workers may not feel the same way. Read "A Utility Tale Part Two: Safety First...Second...Third?" as our very own Jason Buettner recounts his history.

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A Utility Tale Part Two: Safety First...Second...Third?
Fun Fact

Who wins? Mongoose vs Cobra


The Mongoose

It has special powers--thick fur and a surprising immunity from cobra venom.

Did You Know?

Like the Mongoose, CobraVision has special powers that allows it to function where often humans cannot--inspecting electrical towers at 1,000 feet and more. Contact the team at CobraVision. We don't have thick fur, but we have great answers to your challenges.

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